Personalization = Zero Wasted Time

OKpanda is an online corporate English language acquistion application.

Mobile Technology in Learning (M-Learning) philosophy allows you to reach certified, native English instructors through your mobile phones and ipads; practice your corporate English one on one and track your performance with instant reports anytime and anywhere you want.

This new generation of English language coaching program is used by Vodafone America, Noom, Accenture, Square Enix, Google and Vodafone Turkey corporate staff.

OKpanda uses a certified algorithm to track your knowledge in English and to provide the most relative and effective materials for practice. Thanks to this algorithm, the curriculum is personalized.

• 7/24 Live Conversation

• Taking Lessons Anytime & Anywhere

• Appropriate Content for Your Firm’s Area of Operation or Interests of Your Team

• Detailed Feedback After the Lessons

• 7/24 Data Based, Customizable, Individual and Team Based Reporting System

• Measureable Results

Some of the Common Problems that We Solve in International Corporate Communication

• Interrupted Career Development

• Non-fluent Presentations

• Unefficient Participation to Meetings